Twenty Five

20141228_194530I liked the number “25” as a kid. Setting my TV volume to 25 was oddly satisfying just because it was a multiple of 5.

Turning 25 is a completely different story though. The age clock seems to tick so fast that I’m not looking forward to my next multiple of 5 anytime soon.

Inspired from Noah Stokes, I decided to write my own list of twenty five things that I have learned in twenty five years. Here it goes:

– Find people who inspire you and copy them.

– If you regret not starting a year earlier, you should be starting it now.

– Stress gives you bad dreams.

– If you can’t explain it to a kid, you don’t know it yourself.

– On your death bed, you wish you had spent more time with your family.

– Planning sets you up, but putting a strict deadline takes you to the finish line.

– Learn the basics.

– Relationships take time. And courage. And dedication.

– Sometimes, all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.

– Don’t make money the priority, think long term and invest in improving yourself and your skills.

– But don’t let a situation come where you have to think twice to order a pizza.

– Stop impressing people, do it for yourself.

– Learn to say no. So powerful.

– Friday night isn’t about drinking or socializing. Know what makes you happy, do that!

– A lot of Sweetness is bad not only in your tea.

– Read a lot, and then take a walk.

– Hide some money in your inner wear. Always have a Plan B. Have Plan C in your head.

– No office work at home. Invest in other things.

– Know when to recharge. Everyone needs their ‘me’ time.

– Make food for your roommates, wash their dishes. Ask them do the same.

– Know important people in your life. Sometimes saying sorry is all it takes.

– Have a glass of water next to you at night. Drink a lot of water.

– Be the hardest and smartest worker in the room. There is no substitution to hard work.

– Balancing life is the key to a happiness. Work isn’t everything. Know this early.

– Be honest AND smart. Honesty wins trust, smartness takes you forward.

‘Til my next birthday.


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