Year In Review – 2014

Visited 44 different cities, 41 states with a total of 60 cities throughout the year.

Lived in 2 places.

Rode 6 different trains/subways. (BART, MUNI, TriMet, New York Subway, DC Metro and Amtrak)

Took 11 domestic flights.

Rode Uber 19 times.

Rode Cab 3 times.

Rode 3 metros in the wrong direction.

Kicked out of a cab 1 time.

Couch surfed 17 times.

Volunteered in 2 events for a total of 32 days (MozDrive).

297 git commits for Clip for 3 products.

Worked on 10 projects (including hackathon hacks).

Attended 3 hackathons.

Drank 792 cups of tea and 64 cups of coffee.

Attempted 5 different types of Mo: Mo: achar.

Sent 47 postcards.

Read 11 books and left many incomplete.

Published 26 and drafted 5 blog posts.

Saw 1 live concert.

Watched 4 movies in a hall.

Watched Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogy at least 7 times.

Celebrated 2 trophy wins by Arsenal.

Changed my passwords 2 times.

Played with at least 12 dogs.

Changed my thesis topic 3 times.

Planted 6 vegetables and at least 20 flowers.

Fell at least 50 times while ice skating.

Became tatu (lost all money) while playing cards 1 time.

Learned 3 new card tricks.

Donated money to non-profit 3 times.

Started working out 2 times (streak failed both the time).

5 all-nighters.

Got pulled over by cops 1 time.

Watched Dark Knight trilogy at least 2 times.

Got to eat wai wai only 2 times. 😦

Launched Indiegogo campaign 1 time.

I will add more if any other comes across my mind.

‘Til then


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