Finding Happiness, Together

Here is a simple imaginary story written by a lazy person. Bear with me.

Let’s have two characters in our story. I like dogs. Let them be dogs.

We will call them Bum and Pie.

Bum and Pie were super cute together and instantly formed a strong affection towards each other after they met.

But, this bond of affection was in the form of a leash. They were attached to each other. I’m talking about a physical leash where they couldn’t be away from each others’ sight.

This was something unexpected.

But, they loved each others’ company so they didn’t really mind the leash. Actually, they loved it.

Let’s introduce a maze, a gigantic maze, in our story.

Bum and Pie found themselves wondering around the maze confused to why they were there in the first place.

This wasn’t a game; this was real. Both of them had to decide whether to take left or right. They had to do this together because, umm, of the leash.

The direction didn’t matter at that time because they liked each others’ company. They would consult each other, decide a direction and run. It was fun.

Oh, did I tell you that the maze had stars all over the place? Bright yellow stars. Every time they came near a star – poof!. It didn’t leave any trace nor had any value. Just, poof it went!

It was a game now, their game. To run around and find stars.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

It really didn’t matter which direction they took because they eventually found a star.It made both of them happy. They found happiness.

As days passed by, finding a star became harder and harder. It wasn’t that the stars were getting over, but the maze was playing a trick on them.

Frustration and desperation started to creep in.

Finding a star became difficult, or, they would say finding happiness became difficult.

Now, Bum and Pie started to have arguments over directions.

They didn’t have that initially, remember?

Frustration kept piling up. Blaming and resenting over small issues started.

Situation was getting out of control because they started to doubt each others’ sense of direction.

Things had to change.

Bum and Pie took a step back and thought over the entire situation.

It was about them, remember?

It was always about them.

Now, to be more realistic, let’s replace few things:

Bum and Pie are a couple.

The leash is a relationship bond.

Maze is the world.

The directions are decisions for certain situations – can be something big like career or small like restaurant choice.

Stars are, you guess, instant gratification. Or Happiness.

Now, think of the entire situation again.

Initially, they didn’t even know stars existed. But, they found them without looking for them. They took decisions together and found stars along the way. If they were confused on the direction, they talked it out and ran, together.

They understood each other – compromised, sacrificed and put their ego aside to take decision together.

But once they started looking for stars, they forgot the fundamental rule of the maze.

It was never about finding stars. No matter what, how and where – the first rule was to understand each other and always to be together.

Stars, just, came along the way…

‘Til then


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