My Plan for – Being So Good That They Can’t Ignore You – The Idea

I’ve always been keen and curious to learn about people and their stories. I don’t mean reading a biography book (I don’t have the patience for that, yet) but I mean  stumbling across a wonderfully-thought article and then exploring the author’s ideas, experiences and life, in general.

I feel that everyone should have an online presence – sharing their experiences and reflection on their life which someone can read and relate to. This is how human civilization moves forward; everyone learning and helping each other in an invisible way. This is why I love the web so much – okay, that’s a story for another day.

“Be so good that they can’t ignore you.”

This statement came across my head while I was reading a blog post by Alex Mccaw. I knew I heard this quote somewhere in the internet, so I tweeted it just to note the time stamp of my thought.

I knew something inside me clicked after reading Alex’s traveling adventures.

He wrote how he traveled around the world for a year to write a book. He had the luxury of doing so because he was so good that people couldn’t ignore him. Even though I traveled to 41 US States in 25 days for a cause and pledged to share my experience,  I knew that I am nowhere close to being that good (not negative, but consider level 0). I believe there is so much to learn and grow that I feel like an amateur almost all the time.

This is not the first time that I’ve read people traveling as a passion – Derek Sivers traveled to 16 Asian countries to learn their cultures and business, Greg Hartle traveled around the US with $10 to rediscover himself and help businesses along the way. So, it was not the traveling part that excited me, but having the luxury to work on something you’re passionate about and having fun at the same time.

That post sparked a fire inside me. I can’t tell you exactly why because I don’t know. Maybe we are in the same profession or because of the title ‘JavaScript Developer’?

I really don’t know.

But what I do know is, I questioned myself – Why not me?

This is a question that I constantly ask myself to get motivated when I read something like this. Because it takes lot of effort, hard work and dedication to reach that level of doers.

The first principle of successful people are – Successful people work extremely hard. The old saying that ‘right people, right time’ is crap what jealous people say about successful people. Successful people are giving 101% all the time, so when opportunity knocks at their door, they are ready to grab them with both their hands and give 110%. That’s how they rise and become indispensable.

I want to be that too.

Because – Growth Mentality, which basically means that you can learn any skill if you passionately work towards it with dedication and hard work. To be so good that you can’t be ignored, you really have to get up, think, have a plan and work hard towards your goal. This is why I wrote this post – The Idea – and start of my journey to try to be so good that they can’t ignore me.

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‘Til then


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