Appreciate Small Things in Life

I really don’t like Wednesdays.

This day of the week, I’ve got an eight-hour on-campus work shift, followed by another three-hour lecture class.

This picture clearly depicts how I feel when I reach home, all battered and bruised, from the day’s work.

it's over

And after reaching home, all I want to do is to take some rest and get back working on my massive to-do list for the day: hobby projects(+), hobby research projects(+), thesis work, interview preparation and blah.

But, I end up cooking a proper meal.

Be it 10 pm or 1 am, it doesn’t matter.

Because it isn’t a chore; it isn’t something that I’m forced to do.


I really don’t know, coming for a guy who didn’t cook a single meal for 22 years of his life.

But really, I feel that these are small things that I love doing. I don’t see them as routine. Routine is boring and it sucks!

Also cooking helps me de-stress, re-focus and have my me time.

And it does saves me some money for dinner, which I can use later for a weekend travel. (It adds up!)

Keep Calm and Look Around

Everyone of us complain of our hectic lives and not having enough time to do small tasks.

Don’t lie. You’ve had several excuses for not calling your parents, or not doing your laundry, or not cooking your lunch, or not cleaning your room.

If you think over it, it has become a habit now. Repeatedly not doing that work has made you self conscious of pushing it for some other day aka never.

Think about why you are doing it in the first place, and that realization will help you get that extra motivation to start and cross the finish line.

Look around and enjoy the small things in life.

Call your parents once a weekyour bond with your family will grow stronger.

Cook lunchyou’ll eat healthy and save some buck.

Talk to her while commutingyou’ll feel closer and your love will grow.

Sing a goodnight song to herI mean just wishing her a sweet goodnight will make her sleep well and make her tomorrow better.

Walk to your office once in a whileexercise = healthy body.

Take anything that you feel is a routine work, look from a different perspective, think of why you are doing it and make it enjoyable. This will significantly help you understand and appreciate the small things in life.

‘Til then.


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