Farewell fortystones


When we started fortystones.com, we wanted to create a platform where we could share our knowledge to the world. It didn’t matter if the topics were simple or vague, we as first year undergraduate students just wanted to be out there.

Little did we know that our amateur platform would touch lives of 550,000 people across 12,000 cities worldwide. From articles to reviews to fortystones lab, we worked hard to expand our horizons.

Even during it’s inactive period, we had constant traffic coming into the website. This sparked motivation on to us to maybe give it a one more attempt to bring fortystones back to life. So, we decided to renew our domain and hosting with Nepallink for another year.

But apparently, the hosting package had been changed from this year onwards. It did not include the domain name. Like always, we trusted them with the billings but we weren’t notified about the change. Few days later, the domain name was registered by a random company from India. Well, that’s about that.

We had been dragging fortystones for two years without any new post.  We had been saying to ourselves that one day, magically, we would gather ourselves again and restart instantly. But, fate had different plan for us.

I don’t regret on whatever happened because it was probably how it would have ended. I was never comfortable with the idea of not renewing fortystones, but ending this way was probably for a better good.

The whole fortystones team should be extremely proud that they made a tiny-winy impact on thousands of people. From highly technical posts to Facebook emotion shortcuts, I believe that we did touch lives of geeks to teenage girls.  With fortystones, we, as young students, tried to make a small impact in the world. Take it as a success or failure, but I am very happy and satisfied that fortystones was an invaluable part of my undergraduate life.

But now as professionals, it is our duty to continue what we have been doing. That is to try to impact lives of people in a positive way. I don’t know what will happen in future but I do hope our paths meet where everyone of us are trying to make a difference in the world that we live in.

I sign out and leave another post for the lessons learned.

‘Til then.


4 thoughts on “Farewell fortystones

  1. Sad to hear the ending of fortystones. I was really one of the first user of the site and admired your initiative a lot always. People can steal your product but they can not steal your talent, determination, hard work and team sprit. I would like to wish you all the best for future ventures and personnely I will be happy to be the part of it with any responsibility. Great work guys. Missing you all. Take care and hopefully see you sometime somewhere.

    • Hi Janak,
      Thanks for the encouraging words. You will definitely see us out there again. We just can’t stay idle, you see. I’m already working on few of my own ideas and they will be out in not-so distant future. Do keep in touch and link up @prashishh. Thanks!

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