Being Younger?

A part of me truly wishes that I was 3 years younger than I am right now.

Why? Because, I know I missed out on many opportunities to do more.

Why? Because, I feel I could have been more knowledgeable if I worked harder.

Why? Because, I just want more time to learn.



Being younger doesn’t directly translate to having time to do more.

It’s like a rich Wall Street guy who lives on his monthly paycheck despite a 300k earning. If he gets a raise, he is just going to spend more and at the end, it’s a zero-sum game.

Let me give you two NOs for every Why?

NO! There is nothing you can do. I believe that there can be absolutely no regrets for your past. The past is gone, done and dusted, and you can only have lessons learned.

NO! I was working hard trying to find me of the present. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I hadn’t learned from the path that I been through. Even writing this blog post is a good sign that I learned.

NO! I just need to work more hours now, than 3 years back.

NO!  Real learning happens only if you are truly passionate about the thing you want to do. 3 years ago, I was looking for things that I wanted to do in life. Now, I know.

NO! Doing more doesn’t signal growth, but doing few things and doing them well, does! Working hard doesn’t mean spending 80 hours a week trying to look busy. But, It is about finding happiness in what you love doing.

NO! I will go out, find people and learn from them. I don’t care if there are no people of my age group. I will find inspiration from everyone that I meet.

NO! I don’t feel shy that I might be the only graduate student in an intern hackathon. I have this opportunity now and I want to make the most out of it.

NO! I will start doing all the things that I would have right now!

Look back and have that ‘Ah!’ moment and list out the things that you’d have done. The trick is to start working to cross them out.

‘Til then and yes, my math went horribly wrong.





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