Saying Goodbye to Emotions

Emotions are tricky things. They make you feel things that you aren’t prepared for. Nobody likes that red face when somebody embarrasses you nor that fiery eyes when you catch somebody by the collar. Did you like the butterflies in your stomach when your crush smiled back to you? Or that feeling of jealously when your crush was in a relationship? Or that feeling of regret that you didn’t do anything about it? Nope. Being emotional might have it’s own merits but today, I’m saying goodbye to emotions.

Turning off emotions is a tough thing to do. Every once in a while a flurry of emotions will kick in and you become it’s slave. But to control one’s emotion in any situation, I say, is a big achievement and not unachievable.

Regret: You always have a choice. It’s that decision which you took at that time. And if you think you took the right decision at that defining moment, then you either live with it or do something about it. There is no point in regretting over things that are out of your control. Like the old saying goes – “There is no point crying over spilt milk”. Just go and buy another milk and if you don’t have the money for it, ask your neighbor. Problem solved.

Tension: Another emotion out of my bucket is – tension. You either do something about it or stop worrying about it once and for all. I know it’s easy to say this but you can’t worry about the future because it isn’t here yet and you don’t know what will happen. And please, stop living in the past. See around and do something about it. Make changes. Be happy. Live in the present.

Embarrassment: When somebody tries to tease me of some past events, rather than reacting, I’ll just let it pass by my ears. There can be no words to describe their look after an indifferent sniff at their comments. Bye.

Jealously: This is an emotion I’m least worried about myself and most worried about others. I simply don’t understand why people think bad about others when they are jealous. Do good, be good, stay humble and stop worrying about others’ business.

Anger: Anger is the root of all problems. Nothing good happens when you feel the rush of blood into your body and start smashing things around you. Staying calm even when you get provoked makes you an incarnation of Buddha. Nobody really enjoys anger and that feeling of regret after the ‘angry’ phase.

See you never, emotions.

‘Til then

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