Being in control

Are you in control of the technologies around you? I was surprised how my perspective changed after seeing this graphic in 9gag. Calls and text messages are something that I feel mobile phones are made for; anything other than that are luxuries. And you should not be a slave of luxuries. Are you a master or a slave?

5947795_700bBecause you couldn’t resist the temptation to have a quick peek every time your phone rings, you usually end up wasting another 10 minutes pointlessly scrolling your news feed. After being a victim of this, I decided to act and follow some guidelines in using my phone:

  • Delete Facebook and Twitter App from my phone. Hence, no notification. Period. Use mobile browser instead.
  • Disable Gmail notification. Check new emails whenever I WANT to.
  • Phone always in vibration mode unless I’m expecting a call. I can always callback friend or family.

‘Til then

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