Fresh Start

Four years ago, I decided on starting my blogging journey with this post. That was four years back when I was mere a freshmen at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. Little did I know about blogging nor technology (to be honest). But the curious me decided to stepped into the wild, thinking – “oh! well, let’s just dive into this and see where I end up”. I was an absolute amateur writer, and I hastily scribbled that my blog would have ‘spices of both personal and professional topic’. sigh!

Back then, I decided that this would be my personal blog and I would avoid publishing technical articles like product reviews or tutorials. I started to share my technical knowledge on fortystones, which was relatively quite successful.

I was a lazy blogger (still am) and either would post graphics that I found amusing in the internet or short not-so-useful posts (oh god, why?). I used to get  a considerable number of hits, and I was happy!

If you have been following me for the past few months, I have completely changed my style of writing. I focused more my projects at one point but these days I have been writing more on experiences rather than facts. This has been groundbreaking for my blog and I like the idea. A personal blog should have your personal experiences of moments rather than specifications of things. That is what I feel and I look forward to take my blog towards that direction. I will be mostly writing about my ideas, thoughts, works or something interesting that I want to share with everyone. I will try my best to write a few lines on lesson learned on the way too.

“You mature the moment you realize what you want to do.” – Humans of New York

After four long years, I feel my blog has finally matured. I no longer have to think what type of article I should be writing on. I know what these spaces needs to be filled with. I had over 100+ articles before this day, but today I decided to remove the ones which didn’t make sense here (more on that later). This space will no longer be a place where I re-post funny images, nor a place where I dump all my technical jargon, nor robotic texts which could be understood by only geeks. I will try to fill it up with words that everyone can correlate with their lives. I am quite excited about this new path I am taking.

If you are still trying to find a specific niche for your blog. Let me share some of my experiences with you:

Keep writing: Don’t completely stop writing. Post a couple of paragraphs or anything that you used to, every now and then. Don’t completely desert it to zombies. Coming back and restarting takes more courage and will.

Keep reading: You will have more ideas if you develop a habit of reading a lot. Don’t only read the topics that you feel are interested in. Dive into any article that you feel is 1% interesting to you. I read almost all the articles from the Medium homepage before I go to sleep. That is my must-do chore no matter how busy I am with my other works.

You will know it: Once you start writing and exploring new territories, you will eventually know your path. You might wander for quite sometime, but you will eventually find yourself out of the cloud (note: watch). Then some day, you will know what your blog should have. Keep writing, reading and exploring!

Breaks are normal: Everyone is busy with their lives, so breaks for a few months is okay. But make sure you are back after your hibernation.

‘Til then

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