Mozilla Offices Visit – check

It has been 5 days since I landed in the Bay Area and I’ve been privileged (and super duper lucky) to have toured around the Mozilla San Francisco and Mountain View Offices!

I ended up visiting the Mozilla SF office in my first outing in the city and also got to meet some fantastic Reps, who were there for a few days to plan the MozCamp. I consider myself super lucky as I popped up in the perfect day they were having their all hands meeting. I got to check out some amazing projects Mozilla have been working on.

Special Props to William for giving me the most-awesome tour of the office.

PHOTO_20140430_163005A glimpse of Mozilla Office/Spaces around the globe.

PHOTO_20140430_152710The fantastic view of the The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge from the seventh floor. Heaven.

PHOTO_20140430_153508Photos and more photos! PHOTO_20140430_174442 I loved the demo sessions!

PHOTO_20140430_182329That’s Mozilla for you!

There was a open house dinner invitation to all Mozillians and their family on a sunny weekend in the Mountain View office. Food, drinks, people, games and more food! And more food!

PHOTO_20140503_162009Mozilla Offices/Spaces welcomes you in the entrance. PHOTO_20140503_162114 Firefox Rubik! :OPHOTO_20140503_163659 A fantastic use of past swags! loved it.PHOTO_20140503_163833Mexican Dino. Hola! PHOTO_20140503_191641Guess who had three cupcakes! yum yum PHOTO_20140503_204444and a token for participating in the open house games! YAIY!

‘Til then


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