A strong Open-Source movement at IIIT Allahabad

It makes you proud when amazing things are happening at your Alma Mater.

In my good old days as an undergraduate student, I wasn’t an aggressive advocate of Open Source, Mozilla nor the Open Web. My education and knowledge were usually confined within the university. But deep inside I always used to believe in doing good (with code) for the community. I feel little sad that I didn’t discover all the riches soon enough. But when I did, it became an amazing experience. You all know, being a Mozillian is a journey!

Few students from IIITA have already found what I call – ‘the joy of doing good‘. It is that feeling where you feel you are a part of one human community and have that inner desire to do good. As a student and engineer, we chose our path by building, creating something useful for the better of all and inspiring and supporting the good side.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.26.30 PMThis is why I feel they understand Mozilla and Open Source

I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend our first even MozCafe, but was fortunate enough to see great things happening around my alma mater. I could clearly see that these bunch of students, who also established IIITA Firefox Club, were trying to build a foundation for existing and future community efforts and programs at IIITA. By looking at the videos they made for the event, I could sense the passion and desire they have to motivate their college-mates and ‘make coding more interesting’. Have a peek at their introductory video:

They also created a fantastic video to encourage students to start contributing to open source and Mozilla. This is just the tip of the ice berg, I fully expect these guys to conduct various other events for students to encourage them to dive into this wonderful global community of people who believe openness, innovation, and opportunities are the key to a better internet. I wish them all the best and good luck in promoting Mozilla and Open Source! I hope I do have that opportunity to visit my old school to share my experience and thoughts some day.. soon!

‘Til then


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