A new share, everyday!

Since the past four months, I have been waiting for the ‘perfect time’ to publish my next article. I even started with a few ones but always wandered off due to my laziness. I always tried to believe that I couldn’t find time due to my not-so-busy schedule, but they were just plain excuses. I regret not having mastered the art of writing elegantly even after 23 years of reading and writing English. This was one of the major reasons I would always find not to write. The reasons be it, the outcome is that I didn’t publish any articles during the time period, and that is what really matters. Enough of the childish rant, lets get to our topic. Today, I want to share few of my thoughts and a small pledge that I made to myself yesterday.

Yesterday, I bumped into an article – 10 Ways To Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered. In this article the author talks about why and how everyone should share about the things they love and care about without the idea of self-promotion. This article truly inspired me to write the article that you are reading right now and tons of articles that you will be reading in near future. It opened my eyes and I could literally see the world from a completely new perspective. Two reasons that always came on my head before even typing a single word were, one, I am bad at writing and, two, I am not good at my work. The thought of being called a lazy-ass ignorant twit always scared me, and that is the reason why I used to think hundreds of time before sharing anything. I could see people around me, especially my flatmate, who used to regularly update his blog. I wandered how they got time and energy to share thing that mattered to them. It is not that the things I do are worthless and I spend all my day and night wasting time. I find time to read and experiment things, but never really had the inner desire to give a couple of hours sharing my thoughts. Yes, you can tell that if I really want to do that, I would have found time; yap-yap-yap. You can go on that all day long, but what I found was that the things that people were sharing were small ideas, stitched together with their thoughts and teeny bit sacrificing doing their other chores. I used to believe that an idea would just pop out of nowhere, and I would find my inner strength and automatically start writing in my sparest of time. But, no! It is actually about finding that extra ingredient that made your food amazing, that small hack that fixed your problem at work, that stunning picture that you took after waking up, that inspiring article that you found or that meeting the awkward person on the bus and sharing that. Period. And from today, I will be doing that.

‘Til then


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