Experience at Mozilla Festival 2013

PHOTO_20131026_092434Mark Surman kicks off #MozFest

I consider myself very lucky to be a part of an absolute exciting three day long Mozilla Festival, which was organized this year at Ravensbourne College, London. This year’s Mozilla Festival was the biggest so far with more than 1500 passionate thinkers and hackers coming from around the globe to learn, teach and build the web together. The main focus of the festival was teaching and building the web that means to empower people from being passive consumers of the web to active makers! It revolved around the idea that, with internet now affecting each and every aspect of our lives, we should be aware about the world around us rather than being confined to what we are given.

PHOTO_20131026_173654Tired legs. That’s my mentor Sayak! (@Sayak_Sarkar)

This was my first event outside my country, so I was very excited all through out my stay. Before this, I had communicated with other fellow Mozilla Reps either via IRC or exchanged few emails. This was an opportunity to meet them in person and discuss about things that we love the most – contributing to Mozilla’s mission. It was a great feeling to represent Mozilla and its mission at the festival. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed each conversations with each person.  Apart from that, I enjoyed my the-most-awesome hotel room, delicious food and the breathtaking scenes of London during my stay.

MOZREPMozilla Reps hack everything, even their t-shirts!

It was astounding to see the energy level of the people in the community with only one thing on their mind – learning and teaching the web. I saw amazing number of people brainstorming and building prototypes of their ideas at the #MozFest. Topics ranged from teaching coding skills, privacy, security, journalism and scientific research. It was not possible to find a single person who wasn’t deeply involved in one thing or the other.

The whole building was not just overflowing with energy but buzzing with people who were so committed to the work they were doing. Seeing all this certainly fueled the desire in me to learn and do more.

SCRUMBOARDThe Massive Scrum Board

I spent almost all my time in the ‘Build and Teach the web’ floor. This track featured scrum activities and sessions that focused building projects that helped to teach digital literacy. I was actually a part of a scrum topic with Avinash (@hardfire) with the objective of teaching animation and interaction in the web (more on that later). It was really nice to see people doing variety of things on the web. A big step to move the web forward!

scrum6Scrum Tasks #6: Makes to Put the ‘Glitch’ in Remix: Mashups, Memes + Art


The most important lesson that I learnt from #MozFest came from meeting people. Before this, I had heard, read or seen these amazing people who do awesome stuffs. Here, I could talk and interact with those people in person. I realized that these person are just normal people. The only difference is that they are passionate people who have decided to do something to change the world. They carve their own part to put a dent into the world. It gave me that extra fire and inspiration to be like them, do something of real significance that will affect peoples’ lives in a good way.

Few Snaps!

goo teamThe Goo Team and their work with 3D on the web.

knightlabThoroughly impressed by knight lab’s SoundCite!

Lastly, a HUGE Shout out to the Mozilla Reps for being awesome!


‘Til Then


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