Three Years Later!


Hello Everyone,

Exactly 1108 days ago, the web saw the birth of a small initiative called – fortystones. The basic idea was to set a platform for ourselves where we could share our knowledge and information with the world. Each post was called a stone and each stone was ‘engraved’ with information that we found interesting or fun. We weren’t professionals by any means and we never considered ourselves experts in the articles we wrote. We were just a bunch of guys determined to learn and share.

But recently, due to various reasons and our negligence, we couldn’t give time to our beloved fortystones and hence, it was left in a dormant stage for more than a year! It was sad to see nothing engraved in the stones and the information tomb hollow for sometime.

We are really proud that our stones have spread across 12,000 cities spanning over 216 countries (you heard that right!). The number of visits we had even in our inactive stage really inspired us more than anything. We do not want to give up on this because we are not quitters! From writing articles, tutorials and reviews to building श्री, we have come a long way. We believe we can do better things in future and help a lot of people with our stones. Napoleon Hill once said – “
Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

So, we are back!

fortystones team is back!


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