Developers’ Meet Nepal

devmeet nepal

I don’t understand why?

Avinash and Roshan were really puzzled at why they struggled seeing new faces to the PHP Developers’ Meetup, an event that takes place every month by PHP Developers of Nepal.

This is the 4th Meetup. I see developers who come regularly but number of new people who come are less.”

“I think with the ‘PHP’ tag, developers from other platforms don’t feel welcome to this meet up. So, why not have a common developers’ meetup.”

This is how Developers’ Meetup really started.

The whole concept of the meet up was to gather all professionals and enthusiasts from all major tech communities in Nepal under one roof, and discuss on one thing they were all passionate about i.e. Technology. With developers collaborating to share knowledge and to get solutions to problems, the only winner would be the community, our community. The idea was to organize an event which was absolutely free and invite everyone who have an open mind and willingness to share and learn. Collaborative learning and networking among developers would not only help to create a strong community in Nepal, but also help everyone to learn, grow and mature with time.

So far, we have had two meetups in Kathmandu and this post is dedicated to share my experience on these two wonderful events.

Developers Meet I  

(May 12, 2013)
The event kicked off with each Developers’ Community briefing their objectives and works in the past. I can remember representatives from FOSS Nepal, Islington Open Source Community, Mozilla Nepal, PHP Developers and Python Developers. Students and Professionals also introduced their respective colleges, organizations or groups.

The first presentation was by Mr. James Singh on scaling web applications. He presented for around 15 minutes but later was bombard with questions for the next 30 minutes. Curiosity, interaction and knowledge. Win!

The second presentation was by Mr. Ankur Sharma on the topic ‘Latest Trends on UX/UI’. It was an exciting and interactive session and the audience were all laughing and cheering throughout the whole 20 minutes. Fun. Win!

Then, Grepsr and Picovico, both startups by Nepalese Entrepreneurs, talked about their success and struggle to start and run a company in Nepal. It was quite a session by both the companies and the audience were pumped up at the end of their talks. Passion & Inspiration. Win!

devmeet nepal I

The intro session.

The event was quite a success with more than 100 developers attending all the four session.

Developers Meet II  

(July 21, 2013)
This time the event kicked off by each audience introducing themselves along with their technical background and the reason why they attended the meet up. Everyone got to know each other was a good warmup to the fantastic event later.

The first presentation was by Dr. Nama Raj Budhathoki who gave an overview of Open Street Map and how it is being used in Nepal. He calmly explained about OSM and his works to the audience with tons of examples and demos. Knowledge. Win!

The second presentation was a REMOTE (you heard it right!) presentation by Mr. Alex Barth from MapBox, USA. It was amazing to have an open data expert from USA to take time and explain about App Development in Nepal with Map Data. The crowd was excited about his talk and everyone had fun interacting with him at the end. Growth. Win!

devmeet nepal II (1)

Hello Everyone

devmeet nepal II

Remote Session by Mr. Alex Barth

The event ended with a fantastic interaction session by Sakar Pudasaini, Avinash Kundaliya and Roshan Bhattarai. They talked to the audience on how we can improve the Dev Meet in future and how everyone can play a part in developing a entrepreneurship culture in Nepal.

All in all, the two events we were fantastic and everyone had fun learning from each other. Everyone played a part, knowing or unknowingly. Win! Win! Win!

I believe that we all are here for a short time, and we should strive to give back to the community. The key to it is sharing of knowledge and educating people. This was an event exactly for that.

I hope to continue this post on writing about the tech culture in Nepal sometime in future.

‘Til Then


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