My First Month as a Mozilla Rep


This month (July, 2013), was one of the most exciting days of my life. I was selected as a Mozilla Rep, an official representative of the organization whose mission I truly believe in.

As a firm believer of “Web as a Platform”, the Web has always been my passion. I was always self-motivated to contribute to the online community either by writing code or by encouraging people to contribute. But, to be a tiny part of the organization, whose sole mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity, was something very special.

Mozilla is driven by the people who are very passionate about their work and this is what makes up this community awesome. The people whom I met (or talked with) genuinely cared about their work and the impact it had on millions of people. This attitude definitely sparked in me the extra motivation to work hard, not because somebody asked me to, but I wanted to.

The first month saw me getting involved in few events and lot of discussion in IRC.


This was the first time I met all the Mozillans after I became a Mozilla Rep (ting :)). We met at Maitighar Cafe, Kathmandu, well, we named it MozCafe later. The main agenda of the meet up was to discuss our future plans/road-maps for coming months. Firefox Student Ambassadors (FSA) were being selected at various universities in Nepal and we had to discuss how we can assist the FSAs to collaborate and organize events in their respective universities.

Oh yea, Avash gave me this cool Firefox tshirt. Bless you Avash. 😛

FSA Meet I

All Mozillians and FSAs gathered at Smart Samaj so that we could get to know each other and also to brief FSAs about their roles and activities that they can carry out in their colleges/universities. Avash took the lead and briefed them about the Overall FSA Program, Surit talked about Localization and his beloved Army of Awesome, Prakash talked about FOSS Nepal and NeMo Program and Avinash and I talked about Webmakers program.

ImageAvash showing a demo on how everyone can stay connected on IRC.

Overall, I found the whole community very warm and welcoming. This is my first month (12 days to be exact) and I am already loving my experience as a Rep.

Long way to go..

‘Til Then.


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