3 months!

Wooahh! Its been more than 3 months since I updated my precious blog. But, I am happy to see that it still gets some fifty-ish visits everyday. Even though sometimes I get tied up with work, I occasionally come here to check comments or feedback from my readers. Feel free to write to me.

Once again, a lot has changed in my life in the past 3 months. I’m almost finished applying for my masters program to US/Canadian universities, completed my mini-project – “Text-based Dialogue System using Ontology”, left my beloved college – IIITA after 3 years and started my internship at Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal. I plan to write in detail about each of them in coming weeks. And please do encourage me to write on them; I tend to get lazy sometimes and yes, of course my busy schedule. I have made fantastic friends in MIC Nepal and I am really enjoying my time there. To my surprise, it didn’t take long for me to adjust to the new environment (10am to 5pm DUH). Let me write on this sometime soon.

I was itching to write sometime on my blog tonight even though I’m currently having a severe headache. So, writing starts tomorrow.

‘Til Then


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