The Graph Database – The Preview

A year ago I was reading about the amazing concepts of NoSQL databases and how companies are using them to scale their websites. I was really impressed particularly at how facebook uses the concept of NoSQL Graph Databases. Then I looked up at the available Graph Databases (neo4j and infogrid) and played around with it for sometime. That made me wanting to work on a project involving graphdb somewhere in future.

Okay, this semester we needed to pick a topic for our semester project and then work on it. So, I decided why not MAKE a simple graph database not just work on the existing one. That sounded a little ambitious at first as I am just a college kid with little experience in graphdb. But this was just an attempt to make something that I wanted to.

Basically, we will be making a graph database that will work on nodes, edges and relationships. It won’t be a neo4j but it certainly will be a small, scalable and fast graph db. We started from scratch designing the class diagrams, CRCs and then thinking of ways for file storage, caching etc etc.

So far, we are half way through; done with the design and 25% coding. I won’t post my mid semester report here but I will upload my presentation and you might have some idea on this. I promise I will post more details once I’m done with this. Half way. 🙂

‘Til then


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