श्री – Nepali Unicode

fortystones team recently launched Nepali Unicode – श्री. श्री is a phonetic translator or transliterate that converts English to Devnagari script. ‘श्री’ because it is the first project under fortystones lab and श्री गणेश! means starting a new thing. This is our first of many to-be products at fortystones 😉

Why did we built it?

We didn’t really enjoy going to other websites for occasional नेपाली typing. So, we thought why not build one platform ourself huh? I talked about it with @rabi_shah for the first time and he was like – DUH! We then worked for a month and walllaa.. the idea turned into reality at fortystones lab. Proud moment for fortystones team.

What Next?

We are working on building Firefox addon, Google Chrome extension and Android Application for this product. We are looking for volunteers who are ready to  help us build these stuffs. If you are interested, just ping me at @prashishh. Don’t worry we will definitely make them in future. We even opensourced the code in github and we are continuously trying to make the algorithm better.

Anything more?

If you want to contact us regarding anything about this project, just ping me in one of my contacts above 😉


Link: Nepali Unicode

जय नेपाल!


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