Project Digital Protographs Management

Last month was both extra-ordinary and exciting.. A hell lot of things happened in our college that I would have never imagined in my life.

But, the past is past; difficult times. Anyways getting back to my works, I did a few projects: Scoop, Printing Digital Photographs System and building a 3D mode of the Computer Center I. I’ll give you more details of each in upcoming weeks. And also, I made this page so that you can get updated to all my current and past works.

Now, lets get back to this post’s topic:

This month we were assigned a mini-project in OOM (Object Oriented Methodology) for this semester(3rd). We were randomly assigned a description and we had to develop a java applet or a webapp. Also, we were asked to do extensive research in developing Use-Case Diagram, CRC Diagram and Class Diagram for our mini project (printing digital photographs project).

Here are the Use-case and Class Diagram.

‘Til then

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One thought on “Project Digital Protographs Management

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