Brochure Design!

It has been quite sometime I have not posted here. You know na, the ghost that has been haunting us, students, for decades – exams!! We had exams for a week and believe me, it was one hell of a time. Well, exams didn’t go as expected so ‘m hoping for some miraculous results. *Please pray for me* (innocent look). Yes, I have also been quite busy managing fortystones website. It is not so easy that it seems!  Guess what, we have got a fanastic reponse for the newly launched site with visits crossing 10,000 unique hits, 100+ countries and 1600+ cities WITHIN TWO MONTHS! Thats what you call awesomeness!!! 😛

I have found out that it is very difficult to manage so many things at once: attending classes :P, assignments, football, designing, Audio Lights Club, fortystones, webdesigning, ideas, coding pheewwww and the list continues. I can’t believe how much pressure can a teacher give to a poor old student like me. 😦 I want to experiment so many new things but I just can’t get time for it. DAMN the college and the system!

Thank god I don’t need to worry about any exams for sometime now. But I seriously need to buckle up if I want to have good grades this semester.

We have our annual fest coming this october – Effervescence MMX and I have been quite busy ‘coz of it. I have been making brochures and posters for many events, I kinda like designing you see.

This is one of the brochure that I would like to share here. It is the effervescence sponsorship brochure. I will post the others very soon too.

‘Til then


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