10 Works in 10 Days!

Finally Exams are over and I have 10 days of mid-sem break. I need to make this time as productive as possible and put together all my ideas that I have been thinking and showcase it. So, I have thought of 10 works that I thought of completing in my 10 days vacation.

1) Post at least five blog post:

It has been quite sometime I have not posted any thing in my blog. I had to complete my assignments and I was very busy with mid-semester exams. But now I have 10 days holiday break and I want to post some quality posts in my blog. (the first one being this one *wink*) kidding..

2) Design the website of Thunderbolt Club, IIIITA:

I am working on this website. I have finished the design. Now I need to convert the static design page to dynamic website.

3) Play Football till my leg hurts:

We bought a new football. I wish to play football one day until my leg hurts.

4) Complete the IEEE website:

MUST COMPLETE the website within the deadline. Anyhow. [DEADLINE EXTENDED.. HENCE WORK INCOMPLETE 😉 )

5) Project Steganography:

A few DASA student want to do a project on Stenography. Steganography simply means hiding a data format within another data format. We want to develop a software which can merge two (or more) file types and give out a desired file type. The project seems challenging and I have doubts whether it will be completed within these 10 days break. Fingers crossed though.

6) Learn jQuery basics:

As I will be making some website in this break, I want to learn some jQuery in the process. Its see how it goes.

8 ) Watch all the Arsenal Matches Live Streamings:

9) Clean my room and blog about it:

This is a must! My room is too messy…. 😦

10) Sleep for at least 8 hours a day:

This is what I have been missing for quite some days now 😡

Day1, Day2, Day3, Day4, Day5, Day6, Day7, Day8, Day9, Day10.

My holiday will be a productive one if all my points are scratched!

(Check post for updates)

Extra Work:

1) Ushma Club Salsa Workshop Poster.

2) Street Soccer till 3am PART II.

3) Street Soccer Part III.


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